Thursday, September 13, 2007

Director, CyberAnalytics

Our client is a global NYC based agency seeking an experienced Web
analytics professional:

Primary Duties and Responsibilities of Director, CyberAnalytics
• Analyze online marketing, e-mail marketing and website user
behavior using quantitative and qualitative methodologies to provide
recommendations to improve site performance, marketing programs and
our customers' digital experience to meet business objectives
• Help build and expand our cybernalytics practice.
• Identify, scope, propose, and manage the analysis and
interpretation of clients' internal and external data to support
business decision-making.
• Design and recommend appropriate analytic methodology and approach.
• Define key metrics to measure web site performance, construct
tracking dashboards and maintain general reporting structure;
• Create, monitor, track and report appropriate web metrics versus
established goals daily, weekly and monthly
• Recommend website changes based on insights drawn from site
analysis and competitive drivers that improve overall performance,
traffic and customer experience; Statistical
conclusions/recommendations and actionable insights.
• Perform statistical data analysis and modeling.
• Manage analytical project and reporting and constructing
appropriate Client templates
• Write POV documents for clients regarding the latest trends and
developments in the web analytics area
• Develop state of the art approaches to analyze online customer
behavior including experience path, customer profiles, browsing
behavior, content effectiveness and customer segmentation.
• Liaise with vendors.

Minimum Qualifications
• 5-7 years of experience in analyzing web data such as online
traffic, click stream data, web usage statistics, log-based data
collection, cookie-based and site landing page optimization.
• Substantial web analytics experience preferably in
healthcare, subscription environment or entertainment environment.
Demonstrated experience tracking campaigns, creating custom variables
and performing funnel/fall-out analysis.
• Familiarity with best practices for analyzing user behavior
online as well as general tracking set-up and data interpretation.

• Strong analytical background, demonstrating an ability to collect
data, analyze trends, and identify key marketing insights
• Experience with Webtrends, Atlas, DART, Omniture, Hitbox, Google
Anaytics and Coremetrics
• Strong understanding of Internet marketing business models and
metrics as well as competitive and consumer research principles,
marketing analysis and statistical methods.
• Experience coordinating multivariate or A/B testing on live sites.
• Experience tracking multimedia (podcasts, videos, blogs, RSS feeds,
• Practical understanding of HTML, JavaScript and Flash.
• At least 7 years of hands-on marketing and online management
experience, with a focus on the Internet.
• Familiarity with the role of segmentation that can be translated
into an audienced, task-based online experience.
• High proficiency in Microsoft Excel; proficiency in Word, Outlook
and PowerPoint.
• Understanding of web architecture and technologies and their
relationship to capturing traffic data for analysis.
• Prior experience with search engine optimization (SEO), search
engine marketing (SEM)
• A strong background in math or statistics
• Experience with SAS, SQL and Access is a plus

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